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Nonsense concepts and airfill words, mostly used in policy making, management speaches and subjects that have to do with development aid. Used to give simple, short sentences more words to make it seem more important and intelligent than it actually is
Professor: We think our multilevel decisionmaking tree will truely be a facilitator in community based forestry. Also, women empowerment cannot exist without bottom-up policymaking and sustainable go-or no go moments.

Student: Man...what is that guy talking about? These are all blababilities!
by Femster January 05, 2010
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The ability to blab on forever, and ever. Mostly used on Girls. Another way to call a girl annoying pretty much.
Sam: God that girl cannot stop talking!
Bill: Yeah she has too much Blabability
by Thejewishmilkman November 25, 2011
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