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One of the basic meanings of this phrase is simply: "etc."
The teacher told us to go over the chapter, do the exercise questions, bla bla bla.
by Wordjealous June 06, 2015
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what you say when you dont care what people are saying to you
mom: "do you want to got to the store with me to buy a walnut?"

*meanwhile you are saying* "bla bla bla" (said over moms voice)
by mai13 September 15, 2005
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The phrase bla bla bla is generally used in response to someone that has said one of the following things: something that is not interesting to you, something very close to the truth but you have no intention of admitting to, or just random comments of bullshit and sarcasim (most popular.) This phrase is commonly used in text messages and very popular in the town of Weert, Holland.
You are just the most wonderful man in the world, I'm going to be searching for the second best forever because for sure you are number one! Typical response.....bla bla bla.
by Miss Bla bla bla January 11, 2010
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Said as one word. A response to doubts/critisms of others.
Tag-along:Why are we doing this, it isn't going to work...

Main Schemer: Blablabla. Of course it will.
by sucked in by the masses April 25, 2009
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something you might say when you're not intersssed in whats said.
-something you might say when you're not inte...
-sure! blablabla!
by steingrim June 03, 2005
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