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A very small (but nonetheless wonderful) high school that consists of some of the best teenagers in Grass Valley, CA. Bitney has a low budget and hardly any resources. It also lacks sports and extra curricular. The place isn't very professional looking or huge, but it doesn't need to be. Students don't get lost looking for classes, and it doesn't take forever to go from one class to another, so the passing periods are like mini breaks. It has a friendly atmosphere, and is filled with beautiful murals painted by the talented students (and the admired art teacher). Art and music are definitely an important part of Bitney's community.

The teachers are simply inspiring. Bitney students are very lucky to have the amazing teachers they have; not only are the teachers passionate about teaching but they are also nice and they actually CARE about students and the school. They are even able to connect with students on a personal level due to the small population of students.

Bitney often takes in students that have been kicked out of other schools, and even these students are loved. They usually grow to love the school as well; even if they don't care about education, Bitney is very good at getting students to care- because it's not just a school, it's really more like a big family. Bitney can pull the inner wonderfulness out of students and bring them to shine to their best abilities; I know this, because I am one of those students that Bitney has done this to.
"Bitney is the best high school in the world. Well, at least in Nevada County."

"I'm so glad I go to Bitney and not Nevada Union High School."
by Kateyface October 10, 2011
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