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The guy, Lenny, who was the cashier at Wendy's. He was complaining, being a bitch, and sitting around doing nothing. So I said to him, "Hey, shithead! Stop being such a Bitchy McBitch Pants and I'll pay for my food! Just stop fucking complaining.", yeah...I'm banned from that specific Wendy's now. At least I got my food.
Lenny: But Mr. Cale, I don't want to serve that asshole (me) food...

Mr. Cale (his boss): Look Bitchy McBitch Pants, I can fucking fire you (this Wendy's was weird-New York at it's finest) if I wanted!

Lenny: Ugh! Fine!

Me: I just came for some fucking food, I'm starving over here!
by Calculon_2.0 November 25, 2013
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