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A Bitchawhoreous Rex is a girl who can't get over herself in any way. If she sees a girl texting her boyfriend, she will activate stealth mode, steal the number, and bitch the girl out. However, a Bitchawhoreous Rex doesn't have a wide vocabulary (or long arms) , so her attempts at hurting the other person's feelings generally fails miserably. It usually results in her crying to her boyfriend to stick up for her, to which the boyfriend replies by falcon punching her. See also: Stupid cunt bitch face scumbag Slut McMuffin
Bitchawhoreous Rex: Stop tlkin 2 mah bf biyotch
Girl with class and an education: I don't know you, nor do I care who you are. Just shut up. You're a whore. Go suck a bag of dicks. You know you want to.

2 minutes later....

Bitchawhoreous Rex: "boyfriend do something!!"
by dajugganautbitch April 14, 2012
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