A term used when there is a need to harm another person's feelings, though not making sense at all in what you say.
You bitch ass motherfucker, give me my cookie back!
by A bitchass motherfucker March 01, 2010
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A someone whom is a total fucker and acts like a Bitch
Someone who comes from pennyburn and is a total bitch to his friends but not female's that already dumped him that he cant get over but keeps denying it.
Chris mcgooogan is a total bitch.

That chris mcgoogan is a mother fucker for sure.

That chris sound like a total bitch.

Bitch ass mother fucker=Chris mcgoogan
by SteveDave October 22, 2004
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I thought I told you bitchass motherfucker to stay the fuck off my block - now fuck off before I call my cousins to fucking come up here and smack your ass raw, y'heard?
by Gbell March 12, 2006
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A lesbian dog who likes sexual intercourse in the butt with older female dogs. You may ask, how do you get this. Bitch is a female dog. Ass is a butt. Mother is the person who gave birth to you, usually a girl. Fucker is sexual intercourse. So put it all together and you get a lesbian dog who likes sexual intercourse in the ass with another female dog who is older and has had a son or daughter. But always remember GetHyperGetRekt and #Save10/21
Breyer: You bitch ass mother fucker!

Tyler: What? How am I a female dog who likes it in the but from an older female dog? I might be, you never know.
by TenTwentyOne October 29, 2014
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