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Someone who can only funtion on negative energy and cannot stop complaining and finding fault even when it costs them jobs and relationships. Classic symptoms: repeating the same complaint to the same people daily; unable to take a hint; denial, abbreviated smile, glazes over and/or talks over all requests to stop complaining and/or go away, and short term memory loss (does not remember previous conversations). 90% of all Bitch-Addicts also have a cell phone and/or technology addiction. Typically chooses a captive audience, i.e. a receptionist, a fellow passenger on mass transit, or anyone who cannot immediately get away. Sometimes the behavior is 'hit-and-run', but with the intent to kill by a thousand cuts.
You: Are you still complaining about him? Girl, you're a Bitch-Addict and I'm sick of listening to you!

Bitch-Addict: Wha- I'm not kidding- he's a bona fide ass!
by maybe_its_you December 11, 2012
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