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When you arrive at the club and spot a group of 3 or more bitches in da club. When you approach said bitches and are accepted into the group, for the rest of the night you are on bitch patrol.
Friend: "ready to bounce?"
You: " I can't I'm on bitch patrol for the night."
by _TheFruitLoop_ May 16, 2016
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The act of getting over a thousand beautiful bitches, it is performed by finding your friends in the club and saying Bitch Patrol
Alexander the Rainbow , Alan G and Rich are on a bitch patrol
by ALan1232324 November 21, 2010
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Being in a group of friends and you're a bunch of sick cunts ready to take over the world. The Bitch Patrol is a group of emo bitches located in Western Australia, to be exepted into the group you must be ‘emo’. It is a very hard group to be included in this prestigious group as the terms of entry are extremely sevre and the interview is harsh. The group consists of six members all of which are emo and has either mental and/or medical disorders.

The bitch patrol must have at least one person of Asian ethnicity, one person of spanish descent and at least three other white people. Though unkown, they are specualted to be assassins hired by the government to take out assholes at local schools
Don't go to that bar, the Bitch Patrol will be there and we don't want to run into them tonight, they'll absoloutly destroy us.
by Pattawinning October 26, 2017
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the act of chaining up a bunch of bitches and making them pick various sorts of debris off the side walk with chopsticks
see those scrape marks on her wrists, those are the chains from the bitch patrol
by super angry bitch March 23, 2009
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