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A strange method for the self-inducement of vomitting, the bitch mowen is believed to have originated somewhere on the east coast of Australia. To pull a bitch mowen, first one must locate ones person within the confines of a public lavatory stall. Generally speaking, any frequently used public restroom will do, but the probability of the successful implementation of this precarious manouvre will increase with the level of filth present.

Once inside the stall, one must flatulate in the bowl of the toilet, however if one is so inclined, the deposition of actual faecal matter may also be of assistance in this delicate process.

Finally, one should turn and place ones head into the toilet bowl and inhale as deeply as possible in an attempt to stimulate their own gag reflex.

Though there would appear to be mixed reports as to whether or not this particular manouvre is actually even feasible in terms of initiating vomitting, one cannot go passed the simple fact, that the bitch mowen is an elegant solution to all those unwanted calories and is truly a wonderful new addition to the ever growing list of stupid stuff my friends seem to do.

In short, the bitch mowen is all about breathing in your own fart in an attempt to make yourself vomit.
"Oh shit, I forgot my tooth brush and I need to vomit before my photo shoot... Guess I'll have to pull a Bitch Mowen"
by absqueeli frost March 13, 2010
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