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noun; the arguement/disagreement and/or 'battle of will' between a guy and a girl, that ends up leading one or the other to want and lust for their partner.

Usually by saying things that aren't necessarily true, like admitting your wrong when your right, like setting up a pawn on the chess table. If you make the right strategic metaphorical moves, you'll end up saying "Check Mate Baby"

Bitch Chess is done via txt msgs the majority of the time.
girl:"I dont know if i want you to come over my house, my parents are home and i have alot of home work to do..."

guy:"Oh, thats ok, I can help you with your home work if you want or we can hang out some other time"

girl:"Ok, well actually why dont you just wait until i finish my homework, then i could stop by your place?"

guy:"Yeah, sure you can"

Check Mate.

girl:"Your such a fucking asshole you'll never change. Your the sorriest piece of shit i have ever seen"

guy:"Yeah? well screw you too bitch. I dont need your shit anyways."

girl:"Hahaha yeah right, You know your gonna miss this ass. Your pathetic. It's sad"

guy:"Yeah whatever, look leave me alone, i don't want shit to do with you, or your ass. Maybe when you can grow up and not act to immature we can talk again.."


girl:"Hey, how have you been?"

guy:"pretty good how about you?

girl:"I've been ok. I was just seein if you wanted to hang out or something..."

guy:"Sure what do you wanna do?"

girl:"Idk, care if i come over in a little bit?"

guy:"Sure, if you would like to."


guy2:"You still playin Bitch Chess with that one girl?

guy:"Yeah the final pawn fell into place earlier today lol."

guy2:"My manz."

Check Mate
by GFrock Da GenIuS February 05, 2010
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