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1. To wash private parts after sex.

2. To wash certain body parts when lacking proper bathing facilities.
I had to take a bitch bath after spending some quality time with my man.
by Rosalinda February 07, 2005
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bitchbath is a bath taken in a bathroom without a tub or shower, with a sink and paper towels, targeting the armpits and ctotchal region of a male or female.
Dude #1: Hey, lets stop in at that bar for a drink, it looks crowded, like it's crawlin with women !
Dude #2: Okay but first go back to that gas station so I can take a quick bitchbath, I stink somethin fierce !
Dude #1: Alright, but make it fast !
by shomesomethin July 12, 2010
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A bath, usually a long one, taken by a guy, that involves activities like shaving, facial treatments, and classically, washing of dirty underwear during the bath. These baths last more than 15 minutes and can create annoying queues if taking place in shared bathrooms.
El: Yo, why ain't u taken your bath yet, we're running late.
Hacka: Jack's been in the bathroom for about 15mins now, probably bitchbathing
by elhacka July 15, 2016
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