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When your best friend is more like a sister. She's your Bistah.

The origin of this word comes from a conversation my best friend and I had with a really nice guy in a movie theater. It was 1986, (we had already known each other for 7 years, at this point, so we called each other sisters). We were laughing, being loud and obnoxious (as usual) and he started asking us questions. It sounded like he was from the South because he used 'uh' and 'ah' a lot. He was very sweet and we enjoyed talking to him before the movie started.

**This is not meant to be disrespectful in any way**

Him: "Yuh two be friends?"

Her: "No, we're sisters."
Him: "Yuh be bistahs?"
Me: "Yes, we're sisters."

It was such a fun night; between the movie and making a new friend. We started calling each other Bistah because we liked the way he said it, we've been using it ever since.
Hey my Bistah, How's your day going?
by MamaBomb September 24, 2014
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A made up word by Nick and Emily. Soon to be the greatest catch phrase known to man. Relatively means nothing..except the definition of our friendship.
BISTAH! I love you!
Oh my gosh, that is so BISTAH of you!
by Emily and Nick September 03, 2008
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