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A person who stands too close to you in a public setting when there is no explanation or reason why. They will do this in a setting that does not warrant close squishing of people, i.e. a park, an empty store. Since they are in a sense "sucking themselves" as close to you as possible, they are named a Bissellbody aka (hoover man) (vac stander).
A: Someone who must be in your face to have a conversation with you, and even when you back up during their sentence, they move in close again and fix the situation to make it an awkwardly close distance.
B: You are standing in line at a drugstore (etc.), and you turn around and BAM!.....there is a person literally on your butt cheeks, and there is nobody behind them!!........and the store is empty!!!....Why must he/she do this!!?? They are acting like a Bissellbody!

by Hmmphh! July 08, 2013
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