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The act of bishification... in other words to make someone/something into a bishi (or beautiful boy) usually used to refer to fanartists making ugly/manly characters look like dreamy anime boys with roses randomly floating in the background, and bishi sparkles... and well you get my point. Bishification often includes the addition of long flowing hair, sparking eyes, tight fitting clothes, and delicate bone structure, the removal of facial hair, body fat, and masculine physical characteristics
1. "XXXXdethklokluvXXXX totally bishified murder face, I mean look at that long shiny hair going everywhere, the lack of mustache, and his insanely tight pants."

2. "I shall bishify inspector gadget he shall have long flowing hair, bishi sparkles, big shiny eyes, and a delicate bone structure!"

3. "Wow... bishification is rampent in this fandom... they even draw the old guys with long flowing hair..."
by MissXanthe May 01, 2008
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