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A badass Pokemon introduced in Generation V, Placed as #625 in the National Pokedex, and evolves from Pawniard at a striking Level 52. What is most interesting about this particular Pokemon is its unique type combo (Dark / Steel), Its Samurai based design , The Pokemon has a Very Serious nature and is not one to be fucked with, as it will most likely take your head off clean with a Guillotine if encountered in the wild. (Before it's army of Pawniard pierce/slice your skin with it's sharp steel blades 1-by-1.) Also this Pokemon can be both Male and Female and it's pretty badass to be a Female Bisharp .
Oh No! is that a Bisharp and an army of Pawniard, there's no way i'm gonna defeat them with this Level 10 Lillipup, Well we might as well die with dignity.
by Unicorns and Hellhounds March 08, 2017
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