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Biplabnism(n) / bəˈpḷɑ vθñɪɪz(ə)m /

Named after Biplab Deb, Chief Minister of Tripura, India, the term refers to a set of vociferous practices to generate strong psychic hullabaloo subverted on accords of appeasement politics and psychiatric mishap. Acts prima facie aim to promote delusional utterances on pseudoreligious stake to credit every contemporary development to some substandard religious anecdote. Perception towards this set of practices may score huge amusement and hysteria in the people of non similar ilk.
Person 1(to person 2): Internet and Satellite existed in the time of Mahabharta, Sanjay used to telecast all live happenings of Hastinapur to Dhritrastra through this technology only.
Person 2(to person 1): Is that Biplabnism are you high on?
by Ujju June 01, 2018
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