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A biorobot is a biological organism created from DNA of natural born organisms. The difference between a natural born organism and a biorobot is that a biorobot is created as Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) in order to change the brain structure to make the organism an obedient slave, or to change body characteristics in order to easily perform requested tasks. Biorobots have different names in science fiction, but biorobot is the real scientific name. Human alike biorobots are more scary than the atomic bomb, because they look like humans but lack human consciousness.

Biorobot also has an ironic meaning, used to describe people who lack consciousness and self-consciousness, therefore lack personality and are prone to mindlessly obey anybody who is smarter or stronger like a slave.
Biorobots are used for situations of heavy duty, or where human life might be endangered. John is a biorobot, he worked all his life like a slave, without having a personal life or any hobby , or any kind of pleasure of any kind.
by Ubermesch August 01, 2018
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