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A beautiful girl. She's funny outgoing, and thicc. Everybody loves Bionca and she's a leader, everyone follows after her and she sets the trends. She's 100% the Mom of the group. She makes you laugh, and is the perfect person to rant to. Don't steal her man or she'll fight you. Always there for you if you need her and no matter what she will stay by your side. The perfect best friend. Definitely an amazing girl to have around, someone you never want to lose.
{Girl 1} Omg look at my best friend! She's so beautiful!
{Girl 2} Wow, she's such a Bionca!
{Bionca} Well, that is my name!
by PrettyNymphet April 18, 2018
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Bioncas are normally sweet and kind. But do one bad thing to her and you are toast. She enjoys music and animals. (Particularly cats). She will keep all your secrets until she's mad. Bioncas have a funny thing called jealousy. They get jealous over the slightest little things. This is not always a bad thing, but most of the time is. She always thinks she's getting replaced. She normally has 2 groups of friends. One of the groups are mean and start drama, and one she's tired of it she goes to her actually caring friends. But she soon leaves her real friends for the fake ones. Bioncas are so indecisive! This normally leads to her real friends getting tired of being the #2 group, and she soon losses thier trust. Also Bioncas have brilliant blue eyes and light hair.
"did you see Bionca hanging out with those fake girls"

"Yeah why won't she hang out with her real friends"
by Ugly retard May 17, 2018
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