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A great gender neutral name for you next child. At a gender reveal before they reveal the gender you must point out that Binomial Nomenclature is a great gender neutral name!
My science teacher: “I’m having a baby!”

All the girls: “OMG OMG OMG!”

Friend: “Binomial Nomenclature is a great gender neutral name!”
by Luke F & Andrew d March 31, 2019
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not the naming system created by carolus linnaus OR having anything to do with math. Binomial Nomenclature is a term used to describe someone or something that is being realllllllly dumb , ugly, immature, something we don't agree with, etc. You can shorten it by saying just "BI" or "BIN.NOM". it can be used in every day convos and was created by jessica and alexis. yes we are bi.
not meaning bisexual girl on girl, but just "BI"
convo between two binomial nomenclatures

jessisbixcore: omgzzz lex u bettr go to da show at kaffe krystal every1 is gonna be thurr and if u dnt ur BI.
alexboi: ummmm im goann tryz lolz ur a cuntxcore! lawlz why do u go to those showz if all u do is watch the hxc dancers! u never watch the bands. and then u tell every1 "you go to listen to the music cuz no1 else has heard of it" LAWLZ
jessisbixcore: u fucking cunt. i loveee the emo guyz they are soooo SEX! u best gooooo ni99a
alexboi: kthnx ur binomial i knowwwww
i gtg bye my mom is being a binomial nomenclature x 4567890
jessisbixcore: kzzzz call me omgzz comment my new pic its supppaaaa scene LAWLZ
roflcopterrrrr <3
alexboi: yeah ur bi.
by JESS/LEX September 12, 2006
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