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She is the third eye that you will never see looking at you. She is the definition of being blessed in real life form. If you ever have the chance to speak with her, you will realize how perfect she really is and will know why it is so hard to actually difine her in words. The thing about her is she is so special that it's almost magical and when you even think about her your mind can't even comprehend the words you want to use to describe her. She is that warm feeling that you feel inside that tickles from the inside and makes you nervous but the good kind of nervous. I will end it It with this, she is that girl that you wish you could bring home to see your mother because you know with out a doubt that she will win the approval of her. The one you dream of living your life with until you grow old.
Bindika I am sorry!!
by Blessed89 September 15, 2019
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