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The lazy or retarded ninja that hides behind a bin or barrel well his ninja brothers hide in the shadows.
Person 1: Dude did you see the ninja that came out from behind the trash can well his friends attacked from the shadows?

Person 2:Yah that lazy fuck is the bin ninja!
by jdl7889 November 26, 2009
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(noun) Someone who sneaks rubbish and into their neighbours' bins when their own bins are full. A bin ninja usually comes after a large gathering has filled a houses garbage receptacles. The act generally occurs at night and requires much sneaking about.

(verb) To bin ninja something.
"Man. That party was epic. What are we going to do with all these empties...the bins are full!"
"No worries man. We'll just bin ninja them into everyone else's bins tonight."
by billybobboy June 02, 2014
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