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A group of College Freshmen Girls who all go out together. This group, or 'herd', moves in a pack, smelling like cheap vodka and giggling vapidly every 5 seconds. A bimbobeest in its natural habitat, roaming the streets looking for parties, is incapable of independent thought, adopting instead a hive mind with the other members of its herd. Bimbobeests are easily recognized by their signature catcalls, "Oh My God, you're such a slut" and "I think that guy's hot, do you?" Bimbobeest migration can sometimes occur, with herds of these fascinating creatures abandoning their traditional College habitats in order to temporarily move into large urban centers, gathering around large waterholes known as 'Clubs' or 'Bars'. Bimbobeests engage in strange rituals including a fierce adoration of One Direction, Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift (and ignoring the consensus that these artists, in fact, suck), and a strange tendency to Instagram any random object the herd comes across in its travels
"I went out on Friday and ran into a herd of Bimbobeests. I was terrified!"
by rumarc March 28, 2013
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