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BandWagoning to an extreme extent. The person on the billywagon is known to bandwagon players or teams who break records or win championships in their respective sport. He usually brags or boasts about the player who is having current success. He goes out and buy the jersey of the players and claims he has always liked them when everybody knows the truth he really hasnt and claims the jersey is hot and that everbody else is jelous (even if you own 3 times as many jerseys as him) but we all know its ugly. He usually rides their dick hard too!
Billwagoner: i have always liked Ladainian Tomlinson
Person#1: stfu, get off the billywagon!

Chiefs (went 13-0 in 2003)
Peyton Manning: set a nfl record of 49tds in 2004
Colts: just happens to be the team peyton manning is on
Cadillac Willams: first rookie to rush for 100 yards in his first three games.
Buccanneers: just happens to be Cadillac WIlliams team
WhiteSox: won the world series in 2005
Cardinals: won the world series in 2006
Shaun Alexander: nfl record of 28 tds in 2005
Ladainian Tomlinson: nfl record of 31 tds(and still going) in 2006
Albert Pujols: started off a hot season in 2006 til injury
Villanova Wildcats: went to ncca final 4, also went out and bought shirts and videogame because of this
Philadelphia soul: no1 fuckin knows lol AFL IS GAY!
Cole Hammels: pitcher sent up from minors to phillies
Edgerrin James: just happened to be on Peyton Manning's team
Ravens: the had a great defense in 04 and wat do u kno heres come billywagoner on thier dick!
by I HATE BANDWAGONERS December 30, 2006
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Taking bandwagon to a whole new extreme level. The sudden liking of record-breaking or championship teams or players. This common but quiet dissese usually results in a pandamonium of jersey buying, not because the player or team is liked but because they have set a record, won a championship or mentioed for some dumb ass record on Sports Center (a hit TV show on Espn with up to date sports anaylasis). Many people on the Billywagon may know little or nothing at all about sports, they just watch sportscenter and Bandwagons all the players that are having a great season. They usually get offended when you approach them and they say "They have always liked them" but where did that chiefs shirt from 03 go? (Back in 2003 the Cheifs led a start of a season in which they went 13-0)

The only way to start helping the helpless is to get them to admit that they have a problem!

So what do you want for christmas this year?
BillyWagoner: thinking to himself
BillyWagoner: oh wait mom i want the Ladainian Tomlinson jersey since he broke the record of 28 TDs Shaun Alexander had the previous season (last year he wanted a Shaun Alexander jersey)

Things that have been BILLYWAGONED:

Cheifs in 2003: Because they stared the season 13-0
Peyton Manning: 49TD record set in 2004
Colts: Several Divion titles and Started the past two years 10-0
Carnel "Cadillac" Williams: Set a rookie record of 3 consecutive 100 yard games in a row
Villanova Basketball: even tho there a home they werent mentioned till they reatched a high in the 2006 season.
StL Cardinal: Went to many wold series in the past couple of years and Poljos bandwagon
White sox: won world series
doode 1: Wonder where billywagon is at
doode 2: Prolly inside beating off to LT's reacord breaking stat card with his new LT lotion onto his old Cadillac Williams sock from last year.
doode 1: Wow lol prolly is!
by Rod Swan December 30, 2006
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