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in essence, to sell out. When persons A and B come up with a plan for the nightly or daily activities and both parties are high fiving and saying "hell yeah" to each other in pure excitement and enjoyment. Then at the last minute, person A contacts person B, but person B doesn't respond. You know they got your text because they otherwise would reply immediately, but now they ignore it. Finally, you talk to them the day after the next day. All person B can do at that point is laugh and make up some BS story. But you don't care cause you love person B too much to let their third nipple get in the way of your friendship.
Matt: "So, I was talking to Bob about hitting the club, but now he's not answering his phone or replying to my texts."

Leonard: "I think you got Bill Thomas'ed, bro."
by Danger Ross June 22, 2010
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