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A hypothetical sex act purportedly invented by comedian/orator/cunt addict Bill Maher, in which prostaglandins (vaginal dilators) are administered to a woman, while a man wearing a nasal respirator (to allow use of mouth) shoves his head into the dilated vagina, and orally stimulates the Gräfenburg Spot (G-spot) until the woman orgasms. Comedienne/actress Sarah Silverman is allegedly the first woman to have received the first Bill Maher Head Slam, thus no prostaglandins would have been needed. No proof yet exists of it ever happening, and shouldn't be preformed without a licensed obstetrician or Bill Maher present.
conservative man: What would you like me to do honey.

liberal woman: I want a Bill Maher Head Slam. (Woman explains the sex act.)

conservative man: Aww sick! I'll just give you a rim job, I'm still a recovering homosexual. This transition is rough enough.

(Lame sex ensues. Nobody cums.)
by Cunty Fresh Fanatic November 11, 2010
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