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1. Noun: The most thunderous disasterous bieng any person can see at any metal show. Ever. With endless scores of brutality, the entity will enduce carnage to the likes of which none have ever seen.

2. Noun: A guitarist that plays so many breakdowns that casualties ensue.

3. Verb: To maim and dismember, disembowel, destroy, or obliterate anything and everything that is within sight or reach, preferably if the target(s) are standing still.
1. "Dude, that's a fucking Biggie D over there crowd killing right for us!"

2. "The guitarist of The Acacia Strain is such a Biggie D"

3. "Bro, I was trying to Biggie D those pussies over there, but the bouncer kicked me out and I got arrested."
by Xenosapien October 30, 2009
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A retarded way of saying big deal

Can also be used as biggie of a d, as in saying "it isn't that big of a deal"
Guy: Fuck we're out of gas!

Dude: Its not a biggie d, there's a Chevron right there.


Dude: You got mustard on my shoes!

Guy: It ain't that biggie of a d, I always keep some oxyclean in the trunk.
by holla fo a dollas February 23, 2009
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