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The hardest man in his ends, originating from Toronto he is a street legend and is well known for trapping and other illicit businesses. He has gone ghost since mid 2018 and no one has heard of him since. Big Z has alliances formed with northside jane and finch e.g. rapper Houdini or Pressa. He has a multitude of charges and also has ties to Low Key Movementz, SDM, QBK, 2LK, IDSK and many other street organizations. One can argue Big Z runs midtown.
Yeo did mans here what Big Z aka BZ did the other day? This guy duppied the mandem.

Big Z is a real street savage stillaz mans can't even argue even doe he a opp.
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by Toronto6ixxx November 26, 2018
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A person who thinks they are amazing when actually they are just average and are injured easily. Also a washed-up athlete.
I wish I wasn't a Big Z but sadly it is the definition of my person.
by ShowstopperLRC24 August 10, 2010
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