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The stereotypical black man every misinformed redneck associates average african americans with. The perfect specimen of "big purp" is usually seen around k-marts and children's lemonade stands. Big Purp has no sense of right and wrong and has a diverse wardrobe, consisting of hoodies and large jeans.

Because of Big Purp's stereotypical hulking appearance, he is more often than not forced to wander the streets, searching for a purpose. Though big purp comes off as an intimidating fellow, he has a heart of gold and would always be there for you.
The name "Big Purp" derives from the fact that stereotypically, african american males enjoy grape drinks, and are notoriously large in stature.
Guy3 "Look at that massive ghetto hunk of man, thats Big Purp if i've ever seen him."
Guy2:An acute observation good sir."
Guy1: "We are in desperate need of a black friend like "big purp, he'd always watch your back."
by DyingAnimal July 17, 2012
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