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A Big Partna is one who is not afraid to step up to a challenge. A Big Partna demands respect, uses authority, and is not afraid to speak his mind. A Big Partna is also not afraid to drop a benjamin or two while not batting an eye.
Jake: "Big Partna"

Andrew: "Big Partna"

Josh: "Partna Big Partna, what did we shoot today"

Andrew: "Big Partna, it was a rough day on the course, carried a Jimmy against 2 sandbaggers to win my $100 Nassau"

Josh: "Very respectable Big Partna. You ready for a night at the Bulldog?"

Jake: "Big Partnas, Im working at 6, so if we could just go heavy tonight that would be great."

Andrew: "Big Partna"
by Partna Big Partna August 31, 2011
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