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1. A flaccid penis; a penis that is not fully erect. More specifically, when the penis is in between the fully flaccid and fully erect stages; can be described as the "meaty" stage

2. A vagina that is stretched out to the point that the lower rim of said vagina has reached the anus; likely from years of promiscuity and/or giant penis(es).
1. Woman: "Is my striptease getting your dick hard?"
Man:"Naw, but I still got a big ol' floppy"

2. Man 1: "Dude I heard you hooked up with that chick last night, how was that?"
Man 2: "Lame, that bitch had a big ol' floppy, it was like humping a hula-hoop"
by Professor D-Bag March 15, 2009
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