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The Big 12, or Big Twelve (or Big XII, as reflected in its logo), is an NCAA sports conference, and was formed in 1994 from the then-power conference Big 8, and pieces of the recently disbanded Southwest Conference. In the ensuing 15 years, the 12-school membership has remained constant and unchanged, despite much chaos in the rest of the college sports world.

The conference plays 21 different college sports (10 men's, 11 women's), and is divided into two 6-school divisions, the Big 12 North, and the Big 12 South. The North is comprised of the University of Missouri, the University of Nebraska, the University of Colorado, the University of Kansas, Kansas State University, and Iowa State University. The South is made up of the University of Texas, the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, Texas Tech University, Texas A&M University, and Baylor University.

It is the largest college conference in the Central Time Zone, and is considered a powerhouse in the sports of college football, baseball, soccer, and both men's and women's basketball.

The Big 12 is one of only six conference with an automatic berth in the Bowl Championship series (BCS). It is joined by the ACC, Big East, Big Ten, PAC-10, and SEC.
Eve: Man, the SEC is the best college conference!

Steve: Oh yeah? Who would you rather play against in a national championship game? Florida doesn't count.

Eve: Uh... uh... okay, the Big 12 freaking rules. Can we go get tacos now?
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