The best gift that the god(s) have given to us. Something I would sacrifice my whole being for. The hottest aspect of a person is how big and muscular their thighs are.
Jack: Have you seen Michael’s big thighs?

Liam: Yes, those badonkers make me want him to squeeze my face between his voluptuous, absolutely curvaceous, warm head comforters!..
by gooseswan September 1, 2022
shes the bestie of jsoom and that already makes hes beter than armoor and alia cuz theyre gando
big thigh maryoom is not gando like armoor and alia
by JassimF August 9, 2021
would probably be called mocha and not born, maybe from the streets like rambo
big thigh maryooms future cat isnt latte so its not the best bs its good enough
by JassimF August 9, 2021