someone who is generaly big and may have an unusual beard like the presedent of usa Abraham Lincoln if the person also has homosexual tendencies the word gay may be added in the nick name. this nickname was developed in 2006 by a group of friends who lived in birmingham.
big person with unusual beard:can i have 20pence for the bus please
Friend: shut up big abe

big person with unusual beard:i think im gay!
friend: shut up big gay abe
by Harryomdavis August 19, 2006
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Big abs are abs that are big. Abs that look fake or too real are called big abs. When you see someone who has abs, you say they have big abs to confuse them, but in reality, you think their abs are not real.
person 1: omg did you see jungkooks abs?
Person 2: no, why?
Person 1: he has big abs
by Okaycool34554 June 25, 2019
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