USed by years by rock climbers, descriping large walls over 3000 feet. such as El Capitan and Half Dome in Yosemite.
Steve Swan shreds on the big wall...he is el king of big wall in Yosemite
by El JaV October 23, 2004
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Sometimes referred to as “Big Walle” and is defined as the head honcho on Wall Street, associated with a large wealth that was not acquired in a trust fund. “Walle(s)” in general usually acquire their initial wealth in activities such as “selling that ass on da street” and “dropping to the top” in other lucrative industries.
Big Walle just stole my job! What a world we live in! Hand Job Harry from the hot dog stand just took the CEO position I was supposed to get! Those damn Walle(s) keep stealing our jobs!
by Cwigggle December 9, 2018
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