The Big Bad Ass is none other than Ant Banks. Oaklands premier gangsta rap producer and inventer of the smoothest grooves on the planet earth
The big bad ass from the dangerous crew is havin so many hoes he dont know what to do. The Big Bad Ass from the dangerous crew so just fire up the dank and pass the brew. The big dick Gangsters in the house bitch, You can get a fat dick in your mouth
by Grazmataz Christmas-tree December 6, 2004
Ole boy, drives a tractor trailer all day (sun up-sun down)
Always has a sore buttocks.
Constantly looking for workers on his farm but more importantly someone to rub his big fat ass!
Claims his ass looks like rigotta cheese wrapped tight in a plastic bag.
Claims his ass looks a pickle that’s been stepped on by a football team with cleats on.
Doesn’t like having them little cellulose bubbles in his ass and wants a good rub down.
That big bastard on the tractor is a Big Ole Bad Ass Bob the Cattle Rustler! His ass must be sore!
by Badger girl 317 January 15, 2022