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A Bifkin Cake is a word used whenever a spur-of-the-moment joke is spoiled by the recurring flow of comments following the main punchline.

Whenever something amusing or comical happens in a real-life situation, a group of people that witnessed the event would then start to create funny punchlines that would cause uprorious laughter among them. These punchlines can remain funny for up to two or three people; however, when someone over estimates the boundaries of the joke and adds in one-too-many punchlines, they have unwillingly lost the appeal of the joke to their group. Signs of this happening include: Pity laughter from one or two members of the group; no laughter from most members and a nervous cough from a passive member. If all these signs are present, then the last one to say a punchline has done a 'Bifkin,' and will be ignored by the rest of their herd for up to 5-10 minutes until the Bifkin is forgotten.
"Yesterday this really funny thing happened on the bus. Everyone was making up funny sayings made-up from different words; but Jim spoilt it all by doing a 'Bifkin cake.'"
by N.S April 29, 2006
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