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The term "Biebering About" is used to describe the bad driving nature of someone. Typically used in a derogatory manor meant to insult the individual, because Justin Bieber drives like an asshat. This term was brought about after his run in with NFL star, Keyshawn Johnson, in the private residential community they reside in. Don't be afraid to call a buddy out on tooling around like an asshat in inappropriate situations. We have race tracks and events for a reason.
Ex 1:
"Did you see that idiot speeding down the road and weaving all over the place?"
"Yeah, they were biebering about."

Ex 2:
"Chris, Quit biebering about! You're going to get us killed!"

Ex 3:
"Kimberly was killed by someone biebering about when she went to the store for hot dogs... I was really looking forward to a hot job."
by tcbar June 12, 2013
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