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Stemming from the Greek word "biblos" meaning book and the style of electronic dance music "techno."

A dance club and fully functioning library in which patrons are encouraged to bring books, browse the current collection of books/periodicals or simply dance the night away.

The term was originally coined in Robledillo, a small town in Spain, by Conquistador Hastio Perros III, a former librarian turned DJ circa 1989.
Jarvis: Hey babe. Let's go out and rage the club tonight.

Lolita: Hmm I dunno, boo. I was feelin' like curling up with a good book. Maybe we could read to eachother...?

Dermot: Hey guys! Don't mean to interrupt! Why don't you go to that new bibliotechno down the street?!?

Jarvis: Bro. Why are you eavesdropping on our conversation right now?
by DicksInDisguise June 06, 2017
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