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The official sport of BS mock trial.

The act of asking the Bible a question and having it magically and accurately answered by randomly "dipping" into it.

1: Ask the Bible a question.

2: Rub it 3 times in a circular motion. Then pat it.
3: Open to a page and put your finger on a word.
4: That word will indubitably answer your question perfectly

Best if done with an old Bible missing the book of Matthew.

Ask "What of...?"
Asker: What of the Satanist?
Rubs three times, pats, and opens.
Asker: "In the desert, Satan tried to tempt Jesus, but Jesus .rebuked him and sent him away." Ohhh!
Team: BIBLE DIPPING IS REAL! It answers the question! Ooooo!

Friend: Will I be successful?
Asker: Will she be successful?
Asker: "Who shall ascend..." This means that the Bible sees you ascending to great heights, such as Congressman of Guam.
Friend: ...or becoming a drug addict.
by bibleDip January 30, 2010
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