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The definition of a Bibbysketasourus

(pronounciation bib-e-sket-ah-sore-arse) It is a large kind of dinosaur who never leaves its home. It consists of a pancake chest and very male looking legs. It is also the only female animal that has a penis. It never looks at mating the oposite sex, it is always a female dinosaur. Whenever in some case, it feels intimidated, it shall hide and for some odd reason in which the scientist havn't found out yet, in many ways, it shall try and make it look as if it has sent off many other dinosaur to make them regret it. But strangely the Bibbysketasaurus never fuckin does.

Estimated height: 5 ft 5 inches.
Estimated Chest width: 0.00000001 MM
Estimated Nose Lenght: 345 meters (cocknose)
Estimated wieght: 0.023677 oz. (Hence why she needs very heavy shoes to keep her from floating up in the air).
"ahhh mate your beginning to act like a bibbysketasaurus"
by Daniel Baylis September 20, 2007
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