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Bianca is a Youtuber who have awesome videos. She's always their for her fans and she's so loving super awkward (in an good way & love eating) but we still love her and she's super cool a total role model. She love to sing if you heard her she have the voice of an angle she is in a true inspiration for every girl or guys out their. She's a figure skater she's has a really cool personality she never give up on her dreams and her quote is and always be: '' IF YOU REALLY WANT SOMETHING WORK FOR IT BECAUSE ANTHING CAN HAPPEN IF YOU TRULY BELIEVE IT ''. You totaly should subscribe to her channel because she's a true inspiration for every one and every single one. She also plays guitar and sing witch is so cool when you hear her do both is amazing I hope she will see that one day because she is amazing and I a true fan and I love her so much. she always say don't forget were you belong and never forget that people always love you. Keep on believing

Go subscribe to her because she makes awesome videos. <3
inspiration youtuber believe dreams Bianca Sas
by youtubelover99 February 09, 2014
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