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Bhakunde Bhut

Close cousin of Lyapu Lyapu.

Bhakunde Bhut is a ghost originating from Kathmandu, Nepal that enters into dwells inside medium size garbage bags. Bhakunde Bhut is notorious for circling around people's feet and on occasion, clinging to the lower body of people. To pry it off after it clings to the body needs the use of special lines from the Hanuman Chalisa.

It is to be noted that Bhakunde bhut has no limbs or a face, it is extra scary because of its simplistic nature, a blob of trash, energized by a spirit. The simplicity also gives it an air of mystery.

Only way to get the spirit to separate from the trash and go it's own way is to put it in a larger jute bag and hammer it to the floor repeatedly cursing at it. Constant kicking it off your feet as it bounces back towards you also works, especially, if zero fucks are given during the kicking process.
"जथाभावी फोहोर नगर है मोरा हो, भकुन्डे भुत आउछ ।"

" Don't litter you moron, BhakunDe Bhut will get you"
by thenepalinightmare August 24, 2016
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