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a different type of girl, would be the type to hang with the fellas an do things that dudes like to do. type of girlfriend that is a homie/lover/friend. girl that knows when to be a "girl" or "woman" and when to just be her tom-boyish slightly thuggish, definitly hood self. an animal and nature lover, loves outdoorsy type things, loves being in the woods, private, Very Pretty, Sexy, Cool, Fun, Smart, Intelligent, Trustworthy, Determined, Loving, Caring, but beware when on bad side can be very bitchy, mean, rude, and cruel,
There are no examples of Beyonka, one of a kind, a mystery the eigth wonder of the world, the one who was cursed with a gift to attract all but want none. But the exception is the male version, who like Beyonka has all same qualities and he like her, is blessed with the same gift, what makes them different is that he likes and she doesn't. however the only one who can hold his attention is her
by Bee Spring February 04, 2010
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