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From 'Beyonce and Jay-Z. The decision to exhibit a Beyonce and Jay-Z's artwork/video at the world-renowned Louvre Museum of Paris, France.
The slogan "Black is Beautiful" owed its existence to the ethnocentric 'Weltanschauung' or worldview that has been characterized by what A. Cesaire calls "European reductionism." Louvre's commercial decision is an advertisement that has elevated the African-American celeb couple to the same status as Da Vinci, thereby acknowledging that "Black is Beautiful."
"The Beyoncefication and Jay-Zification of Louvre: Make Black Beautiful Again" (by Zekeh Gbotokuma)
"The Beyoncefication and Jay-Zification of Louvre is, to some extent, a "Mea Culpa" confession. Through it, France (and the western world in general) is correcting and overcoming Eurocentrism and obsolete pseudo-scientific theories that have ostracized Africa and reduced Africans to second-class humans and cosmocitizens. The Beyoncefication and Jay-Zification of Louvre is one of the best possible ways of practicing the French republican ideals of LIBERTE, EGALITE & FRATERNITE" (Z. Gbotokuma).
by Cosmocitizen June 23, 2018
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