“Bextra” is a way to describe someone that is Basic, yet extra. contradictionary to the popular word extra, which is used when someone is being over the top.

Bextra is used when someone is really simple and plain, but feel delusionally confident.

Bextra has a negative conitation. You do not want to be Bextra.
“I ran into Becky the other day, she is so Bextra.”

“Geez, why do these basic bitches think they got something when they don’t - so Bextra”

“There’s a bitch in my office who is so loud and extra - but she looks so fucking basic, she doesn’t even use highlighter or brush her hair. She’s so Bextra, I can’t cope”

“Taylor Swift is so thirsty & Bextra”
by Nicholas Parnell October 11, 2017
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