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1. A mix of beer, everclear, vodka, and some form of juice or carbonated beverage....usually served in a 2 liter bottle. Originated from the Stoop Kids of Calhoun Hall at Drexel University

2. The most disgusting alcoholic drink one could consume. You have to be close to blackout drunk to WANT to consume this beverage, let alone actually consume it. You have to be nearly retarded or on the verge of already getting alcohol poisoning to consume a bottle of such filth. But chances are that if you actually consume this drink, you are already super wasted. Consuming beverclear is considered more dangerous than consuming everclear, and should not be consumed by anyone.

3. A hood-ass beverage originated by kids from the Stoop at Drexel University....somewhere in University City Philadelphia. A drink for one who is too lazy to actually go out and party, but wants to get blackout drunk anyway.
Girl: Hey did you see them take that dude to the hospital on the stretcher?

Guy: Yeah! He chugged a whole bottle of Beverclear in like 2 minutes!

Girl: Wow! What a champ!
by stoopkidloves2party69 July 07, 2011
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