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Between The Eyes Music is any song that is played to the point where it has lost all of it's original meaning. The term comes from the method of killing ones self by shooting themselves between the eyes. Which makes for a quick, painless death. These songs are popular; at least at first, but over time due to them being overplayed and overused; they end up annoying the listener. Some example of these types of songs are Daniel Powter's "Bad Day", which was played over and over again on American Idol. Mariah Carey's "Hero", which is played on practically any reality show were the directer wants to have a Compassionate moment. Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On", which was used on the Titanic movie soundtrack and was overplayed almost constantly on the radio.
Man! If I hear that F**ING Mariah Carey song Hero one more time I'm going to be forced to kill myself! I wonder if she realizes that by allowing anyone and everyone to use that stupid song; that she made the song into Between The Eyes Music? What ever message that song had has long since died...
by the2ndflood August 10, 2008
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