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Bethlehem, PA better known to Lehigh Students is Sketchlehem, methlehem, or deatlehem is one of the least exciting downs in Pennsylvania. Home to Lehigh University and Sands Casino, there are a few safe havens in the area, but the second you step a block away from these locations you are in the heart of gang land. Feel free to take a walk down east 3rd street, but don't forget your pepper spray - which you can pick up at a pepper spray store on the north side. In the end, Lehigh University has a beautiful campus, great students, great university police, but I do not recommend you venture off campus. Otherwise be prepared to encounter townies.
Hey man, are you going to Lehigh next year?
Yea dude, in Bethlehem, PA.
Oh man, watch out for those townies, I heard sketchlehem can get pretty weird at night.
Thanks! I will be sure to keep an eye out.
by sals Pizza October 06, 2013
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