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A small redneck town, in the middle of the woods, next to the most gayest town of Woodbridge. Bethany Is about 98 percent catholic and 99 percent white. No Crime at all. In Bethany we have farms for horses and cows. Every one here has a tractor. Everyone there is a hick. The kids there get new shovels for their birthdays, and have to go to school at Amity high school with the orange kids, and the rich and snobby Jew kids who live in woodbridge. These hilbilies who live here always play redneck games when they are bored. They have shitty grammar when they talk and they cant spell. There is no movie theater, no stores of and kind, and this place is not for me. If you are a city person don't live here.
Man look at my new shovel I got for my birthday, this is what you get living in Bethany CT.
by been here, hated it, so moved January 14, 2012
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