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Opposite of "Alpha Male". aka Mr Nice Guy. The guy who's giving up his dreams, time, energy, wealth and sanity to date or be in relationship with a single mother in which he'll always be dead last, catch table scraps, have no voice, be a silent witness to lack of discipline and be a punching bag for a child he had no involvement in creating, and he has to endure this for all the reasons he'll never understand. He's expected to be there unconditionally, pouring out endless love throughout intense drama from various sources, never being allowed to show real emotion or share real thoughts on situations in fear it'll cause trauma or damage to the one he loves because no amount of compassion in the world would ever be noticed when an "outsider" is sharing an objective opinion that could actually help the team he's not allowed to be on because it's an impenetrable force that has been violated and hardened long before he got on scene because the other beta chumps she dated that could never be as badass or have the manipulative connection that the alpha male who created this impenetrable team and set up this "us against the world" mentality that will continue to defy the ability for a woman to have a true connection with a man because she's so busy overcompensating for the fact the kid doesn't have a relationship with their real father, and so the Beta Chump with all the love, light, compassion and willingness he has to offer will never be recognized for the man he is.
Paul is her new Beta Chump...
by Betachump September 20, 2016
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Guys who are scared of birds, paper turtles, spend their time writing about why rock stars are beta chumps, and lie about their girlfriends being dead.

by IamAwesome0731 July 10, 2008
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